No More Ice! Check Out Bodega Coolers

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Whether you’re looking to cool a little or a lot, the Bodega Cooler can help you do that without the ice! You can find the Bodega Coolers in several different designs, sizes, and all with long-lasting run time. Click here for Bodega Discounts.

T50 Dual Zone

Among the many portable coolers on the market, the Bodegacooler T50 Dual Zone 53 Quart/50L 12V portable car fridge stands out as a leader in its own right. This cooler is designed to keep your favorite beverages cold on the go. The T50 boasts a 50L capacity, a removable lid and two handles, including a retractable handle that works on both sides. The cooler can also run off of a 12V car adapter plug.

The T50 also comes with an LED light strip that lights up when the temperature is low. The T50 also features two separate temperature zones, one refrigerator and the other a smidge colder, as well as three levels of battery protection. The T50 is also well-made and has a latch that is sturdy enough to hold onto your precious cargo. The T50 isn’t the cheapest or lightest of portable coolers on the market, but it is still a solid buy.

The T50 is also made to last, with a 3-year limited warranty and a value pack that includes a hefty amount of useful goodies. The best part is that you can use the T50 on a daily basis.

Mini Cooler P15

Whether you are driving or camping, this cooler has you covered. It is packed with features and has two zones of cooling. It also comes with a battery, drain plug, and a removable basket. You can even run it off the car’s wall socket. It weighs in at 22.5 pounds and can hold a lot. It’s a great option for anyone who wants a cooler but doesn’t want to lug around a heavy one.

The Bodegacooler Mini Cooler P15 is a great option for people who want a compact, easy-to-use car refrigerator. It’s easy to carry, has a large capacity, and doesn’t take up much space in your trunk. It also has a reusable ice pack, which is nice for those who plan to use the cooler frequently. But, it’s not the lightest thing you will ever see, and it doesn’t have the same level of storage as the larger, heavier models.

The cooler has two separate zones, so you can keep both the fridge and the freezer cool at the same time. It’s also got a LED light strip, so it can be seen in low-light conditions. It’s also got a handle on the opposite side of the wheels, which makes it easier to tilt the cooler back on the wheels.

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